The Nature of an Open House


An open house refers to a house or real estate property that is opened for viewing to potential buyers. In the real estate market, open houses are a long-standing tradition practice done by real estate companies, so that more people are informed of a particular home or a group of homes are for sale. Usually, open houses are held on weekends were more people are available to come and inspect a house or group of houses for sale. Before an open house is scheduled to be held, promotions and advertisements on it are conveyed online or through print media with the purpose of bringing in more interested buyers. But due to the convenience of watching homes for sale online, the concept of open house has waned down. Therefore, those who will definitely come are expected to be genuinely interested to invest or buy a home or real estate property. That’s why the tradition of open houses continues up to this day.

The common ways in preparing for an open house by a real estate agent is to enlist the home for sale in the want ads of a local newspaper, put a notice on the website, and put a visible signboard in the neighborhood to create awareness of the forthcoming activity. Usually, food and drinks are provided to the guests and a fact sheet is distributed to the guest, detailing the home for sale, which includes information about the neighborhood, community, existing schools with details of admission fees and test scores.

On the other hand, the owner of the house or seller, goes into the preparation of his/her property before the 1412 Avondale Way Tallahassee FL 32317 open house is scheduled by during the following chores: cleaning the entire house, removing the clutter, cleaning the yard, improving the house appearance with potted flowers or fresh flowers on the dining table, and keeping safe the owner’s valuables.

During the actual open house event, the real estate agent conducts a house tour with the guests while pointing out the advantages of the house and its selling points and handing the guests each with a fact sheet and the agent’s business card. Most often, a fill out form is asked on each guest so the real estate agent can perform follow ups with them later.

Homeowners are not forced to have an open house if they do not agree to the idea due to personal reasons of their own. In which case, another option, provided by the real estate agent, is called a broker open house, wherein other real estate agents and brokers are invited to see the house so they can bring in serious buyers who may be interested to purchase the house.


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